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The bank that finances your loan will send you more information by mail within 2-3 weeks of delivery of your car. This includes precise instructions for that bank on how to set up your payments, which will be directed directly to the bank that funds your loan. If you want to apply for a Tesla loan, you must do so within 30 days of your delivery date. If you have any further questions, please contact the Tesla Financial Services team directly at autofinance@tesla.com. Check out Tesla travel tips to learn more about how to maximize your range, plan a road trip, and charge the car on the go. To learn more about the features available in your Tesla, access your user manual from your Tesla account. The owner`s manual can also be opened by pressing the Tesla “T” logo at the top of the vehicle`s touchscreen. Tesla`s full-service body shops in the Tesla-approved body repair network are suitable for more comprehensive body repairs or structural repairs. Visit Tesla Body Shop Support to find Tesla-approved body shops and learn how to contact a member of our Body Shop Customer Advocate team. Automatic emergency braking, if your car is equipped with autopilot, automatically triggers emergency braking when the predictive camera and radar sensor detect that a collision is imminent. Press the accelerator pedal or brake pedal to disable automatic emergency braking when it is active. It`s up to you to drive safely and keep your Tesla under your control at all times.

I spoke to my sales and delivery representative before ordering and both said it should basically be immediately after pre-delivery, but I`m 3 days later and still don`t have it or a VIN on the order page even though I bought a specific inventory template. Visit the Tesla service to learn more about live updates and remote diagnostics. You can now make an appointment to go to the nearest Tesla Service Center for maintenance or minor repairs such as small dents, scratches or scratches via the TTesla app. Winter tires can be purchased and installed from Tesla Service. Learn more about your service visits. Disclaimer: Tesla, Inc. has not been involved in the development of this document and has not made any submissions or otherwise edited, reviewed or authorized. Where is my signed car purchase agreement (MVPA)? The car is designed to notify you when maintenance is needed for items, and the service can be scheduled via the Tesla app. In the instruction manual you will find recommendations as well as daily and monthly reviews that you can do yourself.

Once pairing is complete, your vehicle will immediately connect to the phone and the touchscreen will display the Bluetooth icon next to the phone name to indicate that the connection is active. These instructions will help you pair your phone with your Tesla car: Once you`re done logging into your Tesla account, click “Account” in the top right corner to add a secondary contact to your vehicle`s account. Then, under Personal Information, select Contact Us. On this page, you can add an additional contact to your account. To open your charging port, press the button on the Tesla charging port. If your car is unlocked, you can also open the charging port via the touchscreen or by pressing the port cover. Your car is ready to charge when the indicator is white. A blue light indicates that your car is ready to charge after plugging it in. Charging is complete when the indicator is green. The touchscreen can`t be completely turned off, but you can change the brightness and day/night setting in the display > control and temporarily darken the screen for cleaning. Press and hold a scroll wheel until the options appear on the same side of the instrument cluster as the scroll wheel. Select the desired scroll wheel by rolling the scroll wheel and then pressing the scroll wheel.

Summon is an autopilot feature that allows you to get in or out of your garage door, park and turn off. It is no longer necessary to enter and exit crowded car parks. On the touchscreen, go to Controls > Settings > Driver Assistance > Invoke > ON to enable invocation. Always pay attention to your surroundings and check the distance from all sides of the vehicle. We recommend that all new owners read the Driver`s Guide section of the owner`s manual for detailed instructions. Learn more about using Summon in your Tesla. What is the difference between the Rated and Ideal range? How do I get software updates and how long does it take? How can I learn more about the features of my Tesla? The Energy app allows you to monitor your car`s energy consumption in real time. On the Travel tab, under Controls on your vehicle`s touchscreen, tap if there is an active navigation route to see the expected energy consumption for your trip. By pressing the brake pedal and shifting into high gear, you can start your Tesla. If you`re not using your phone`s key, place your key card on the console and take the car to the next level with model 3. You can turn off your Tesla by parking, leaving it and closing the door behind you, or by accessing > Safety Controls > Turn off on your touchscreen. Voice commands can be used to make a call, navigate to a destination, or listen to music.

For voice control to work, your vehicle must be connected to the Internet. The MVPA can be accessed through your Tesla account. Log in to your Tesla account and select Manage. On the right side of the page, the “Documents” section is visible to see your car purchase agreement and Lemon Law disclosure. All documents such as your signed contract are available in your Tesla account immediately after delivery of the car. Hey, it could be worse. We still couldn`t have a Tesla on the way! Visit Tesla`s Model 3 support page to familiarize yourself with the Model 3. Access to the app can take up to 48 hours after delivery of the vehicle. Visit the Tesla app support page for more information if needed.

While waiting for access to your Tesla app, you can use the key fob (Model S and Model X) or key card (Model 3) to manage your Tesla. You can monitor and control your Tesla car or Powerwall from your phone using the Tesla app for iPhone or Android. To log in to your car or Powerwall, enter your Tesla account email address and password after downloading and installing the app. When will you receive this “contract” referred to on the account page after placing your order? In fact, I have a delivery date for next weekend, but it is still said that it will be completed and that I will not be able to complete the funding until I have received this document. Tesla owners don`t have to worry about how to get a Tesla software update. Tesla vehicles receive software updates that automatically add new features. Once the updates are available, you can install them immediately or later from your touchscreen. Depending on the strength of the connection and the size of the update, installing an update can take up to two hours, but connecting your vehicle to a powerful Wi-Fi network provides the fastest download time. The touchscreen displays all the features and information you need to drive your Tesla. Many aspects of classic cars controlled by physical buttons are controlled via the touch screen (e.B adjustment of heating and air conditioning, headlights, etc.).

You can also use the touchscreen to customize your vehicle to your liking. The Model 3`s touchscreen displays driving-related information including speed, range and warnings. See the user manual for more information. Your car is designed to track the consumption and wear of repairable components and reduce the number of components that require regular maintenance or inspection. Tire rotation, brake fluid change and battery coolant change are the only three points that currently have service intervals. What kind of regular maintenance can I expect with my new Tesla? To set up HomeLink, tap the HomeLink icon at the top of the touchscreen and follow the instructions. The remote control should be with you when you park in front of the garage or gate you want to program. Your Tesla monitors your driving habits and adjusts the range accordingly. Note: You can attach a weatherproof transponder to the front license plate. Towing instructions in your glove compartment should be given to your tow truck. Depending on the situation, you can also call the roadside assistance line for emergency assistance with the necessary towing operations.

Learn more about Tesla`s roadside assistance policy. It is possible to use your Tesla app to start the car remotely if you have lost the key fobs and key cards. Spare key fobs and key cards can be paired with the car at your local service center. Tesla electric vehicles can get orange and clean airplane stickers. After receiving your license plate, complete the online application and send it with a check to the DMV at the address indicated on the application. .